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 Programs for Aid


Promoting the Arts

Providing a means for artists and communities to nurture and grow their art endeavors. Funds will help to:  

  •  Purchase supplies

  • Support through mentor-ships and scholarships.

  •  Expose artists and        communities through   festivals and shows.

Women in Business

Funds will be used to:

  • Provide funding for women to open and grow their businesses

  • Mentor-ships on business and success training

Aiding the Elderly



Funding will be used for:

  • Providing resources to help the elderly stay in their homes.

  • Teaching skills needed to let them feel like an integral part of society. 

  • Encourage our seniors to be an active part of society by sharing their knowledge and skills with their community. 

  • Combating isolation among the elderly.


Grants for High School Seniors

  • Providing grants and scholarships to graduating High School seniors pursuing  higher education in all fields of arts.


Volunteers Always Needed

There is nothing  better in life than a willing participant.  The need for talented mentors at all skill levels continues to grow.  Share your time today to make a difference...

Art Programs to Encourage Young Children

Supplying schools and community centers with the resources they need, to expose young children to all forms of art. Encouraging them to expand their skills and look as art as not only a source of enjoyment, but as a possible future career.


Historic Preservation

Funds will be used for:

The purchase of historic and other significant properties in communities to save and re-purpose into community centers for the towns in need.

Sustainable living

Funding will be used for:

The purchase of land and lots within communities to create a space for public gardens and farmers markets


Provide resources for expansion of organic farming


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